South Bohemian Region

As every region in the Czech Republic has something to offer to its people and visitors, inhabitants of South Bohemia can be proud of their region for beautiful nature as well as for cultural and historic heritage, both able to live together without harming each other. As the name indicate it is a region located in South of Bohemia with its capital city Ceske Budejovice.

Nature landscape in South Bohemian Region

Nature in this region varies from large valleys or countless numbers of fishponds to deep pine forests and many protected areas. All this is dominated by mountains Sumava, which also make natural borders to Germany, and whose central part is a national park. In Sumava you can find a number of trails, where beginners and also advanced hikers will find what their hearts desire, hills to climb on, canyons to walk through or lakes to rest by.

If you like to spend your free time in beautiful nature you don´t have travel far from Jindrichuv Hradec, you can find for example Czech Canada, protected area, nearby. There are plenty of paths for walking as well as cycling in forests, through valleys or around ponds and if you prefer to join nature beauty with historical monuments, you can also visit for example Landstejn Castle, Roman monument, which is surrounded by forest. If you rather enjoy the nature by peaceful walks in plains with no big climbing but still lovely surroundings and view, you should not miss visiting Trebon Basin (Třeboňsko), which is also protected area, mostly known because of hundreds of ponds and freshwater fish farming. On the other hand, if you rather enjoy hilly horizons, visit also Kremesnik Highlands (Kremesnicka vrchovina) where several hills are waiting for you.

Historical monuments and cities in South Bohemian Region

Not only nature but also majestic castles, Gothic churches, Renaissance chateaus and lovely South Bohemian villages and cities attract its visitors. Ceske Budejovice is a capital of this region and it lies on confluence of two rivers Vltava and Malse. You can visit its historical centre with its Baroque Cathedral of St Nicholas and Black Tower. Not far from Ceske Budejovice is the most famous city of this region Cesky Krumlov, the city registered on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Through the city flows Vltava river, whose meander formed island straight in the medieval city centre and if you are a fan of water sports you can rent a canoe and float this river surrounded by marvellous monuments. Mentioned must be for example Cesky Krumlov Castle, originally a Gothic building later rebuilt in Renaissance and Baroque style, which is after Prague Castle second largest castle complex in the Czech Republic. Another city, listed in UNESCO World Heritage List, is Trebic thank its old historical town with very famous Jewish Quarter and the largely Romanesque St Procopius’ Basilica. Eager to get more information about South Bohemia?

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The Jindrichuv Hradec Region and its Surroundings

Jindrichuv Hradec is located in the lovely countryside of the eastern part of the South Bohemian Region. There are also many attractive tourist destinations in the Region and its near surroundings. We can recommend you the most attractive ones:

  • Cervena Lhota Castle (17 km) – one of the most famous and romantic Czech castles, located at the middle of the lake on a rocky island
  • Trebon (24 km) – beautiful historical town famous for its castle and city spa resort, surrounded by well-preserved nature with dozens of ponds
  • Landstejn Castle (28 km) – very well-preserved structure of the castle which was built in the early 13th century
  • Slavonice (37 km) – historical town famous for its traditional medieval renaissance city centre with Sgraffito covered buildings
  • Dacice (37 km) – town with small chateau complex, notable as the home of the sugar cube, which was invented there in 1843
  • Telc (41 km) – town with 17th century Renaissance chateau and unique complex of well-conserved Renaissance and Baroque houses preserved by UNESCO
  • Pelhrimov (42 km) – town known as “the Gateway to the Highlands“, home of very popular Museum of Records and Curiosities
  • Tabor (45 km) – old medieval town built around the lake Jordan which is the oldest reservoir of its kind in Central Europe