Faculty of Management

Faculty of Management generally

  •  The Faculty of Management is the only faculty of the Prague University of Economics and Business, located outside of the Prague in South Bohemia region in lovely city Jindrichuv Hradec.
  • We are offering Bachelor and Master programs in the field of management and economy. We also offer Doctoral programme for anybody interested in continuing in their pedagogic and scientific development.
  • The scientific-research activities deal with various formal (mathematic) methods and projection models, but also with generating strategies for decision making in assorted levels of the managerial process.
  • Fully renovated building and the modern library offers enough space for studying. Our students can also use hospitability of relax zones in the vestibule with Bean Bags.
  • We placed first among the economic faculties in the Czech Republic from the point of the graduate employment rate, where a mere 0,5 % of graduate was not able to find work, as reported in a prominent industry newspaper (In January of 2013).
  • FM has also a good location for visiting and enjoy the beauty of Czech nature and other sightseeing (Česká Kanada, Červená Lhota, Tábor etc.)

Faculty of Management from the students’ point of view

If you step to the Faculty of Management for the first time, you will be impressed by the modern design and equipment of the faculty. Thanks to its area and conditions now we are able to organize different scientific conferences, seminars and welcome students during international programmes, like Summer or Winter School etc.

Friendly and family atmosphere is very important for our students, and you could feel it during your studies and stay here. At our faculty students are not just a number, they are part of big faculty family. It could be due to the fact that our faculty is smaller than others and there is a smaller number of students. Nevertheless, all our students know each other very well and they are ready to help each other with study materials or just with a kind advise. Students appreciate the atmosphere on the Faculty of Management, and this is a great benefit which is not common on other faculties.

  1. The environment of the best Czech economic-managerial university
  2. A high rate of employment among graduates
  3. Modern campus with new library and information centre
  4. Friendly and family atmosphere of the campus and charming city of Jindrichuv Hradec

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